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Studio Furniture

by Abraham Tesser

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Published articles and images.


Wood Works: A Regional Exhibition, Abraham Tesser, American Woodturner, August, 2017, Pp. 22-24.  in press.


Southeast “Wood Works” Show Debuts. , Fine Woodworking, July/August 2017, No. 262, p. 75.


Wood Works 2017:  A New Show Makes a Splash in the Southeast.  Elizabeth Healy.  A Fine Woodworking Magazine blog.  (click HERE). 


:Local Media coverage of Wood Works:  A Regional Exhibition

Three new shows open at OCAF.  Barbette Houser.  Flagpole.  January 18, 2017. (Click HERE.)

Romancing the Wood.  Theresa Rice.  Boom Magazine, January/February, 2017. (Click HERE.)

Atlanta artists to speak on transforming wood into art at OCAF talk.  Wayne Ford.  Online Athens/Athens Banner Herald.  January 25, 2017.  (Click HERE.)

Athens furniture maker pulls in wood artists for OCAF exhibit.  Wayne Ford.  Online Athens/Athens Banner Herald, January 18, 2017.  (Click HERE,)

Past traditions inspire a new generation.  Margot Ecke.  Oconee The Magazine, Winter 2017, p. 64.  (Click HERE.)

Interview of Alf Sharp and Abraham Tesser conducted by Michael Cardin.  WUGA radio (NPR affiliate), January 19, 2017..   (Click HERE to listen.)

An off-the-wall idea for making more space.  Woodshop News, Dec. 2016, vol. XXXI, No. 1.  Pp. 50-51.

Rachel’s Cabinet.  In Furniture Society (author), S. Dotson (Ed.), D. Congdon-Martin (Ed.) Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place: Contemporary Studio Furniture.  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2015.


Nails, glue and ‘A-ha’ moments.  Andre Gallant. Athens Banner-Herald, Sunday, November 24, 2013. Pp E1, E8. 

‘A-ha’ moments: Abraham Tesser builds furniture via eureka (with video).  OnlineAthens. Posted by Andre Gallant, November 24, 2013. (Click HERE.)

OLLI is in Lyndon House Exhibition.  The OLLI Times.  April, 2013, Vol. 10, # 5.  Pp 4-7.

Lamp sheds light on wonders of veneer. The Cutting Edge with Abraham Tesser. Woodshop News. March 2011, Vol XXV, #4, Pp 28-31.

Craige Table, Hat Tree, Three S-Chairs in Snyder, J. B. (Ed.)  Wood Art Today 2Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2010, Pp 209-211.


A Pool Cue Stand. American Woodturner, Feb., 2010, Vol 25, #1, Pp. 52-53.


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Nature on his side.  Melissa Link.  Athens Magazine.  Vol. 20, #3, Pp. 58, 59, 61. July-August, 2008.


  Sculpted Chair 2.  The Oconee Leader, vol. 3, # 21, p. 1, May 22, 2008.


Tesser cue stand.  Inside Pool Magazine. Vol. VIII, #4, p. 32, 2008.


That’s one stand-up cue stand. Pool and Billiards Magazine.  Vol. 26 (4), p. 38.  April, 2008.


The S-Chair.  Furniture Matters: A Periodic Forum of the Furniture Society, Summer 2007, p. 8.


Sculpted Chair 1.Flagpole, Vol 17. , #16, April 23, 2003